Military-Grade Olive-Drab 620 LB SurvivorCord

Unleash Your Inner Survivalist with Our Top-Quality SurvivorCord

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Introducing Military-Grade Olive-Drab 620 LB SurvivorCord, the ultimate survival tool for preppers. Its durability and water-resistant properties, tested by soaking underwater for 4 hours and still easily starting a fire with SurvivorSteel, make it a must-have for any emergency situation.

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Additional Product Details

  • Military-Grade SurvivorCord - Designed with input from Special Forces
  • Ultimate Paracord - Can replace all other parachute cords
  • Versatile and Strong - Outperforms other paracords on the market
  • Multi-Purpose Strands - Includes fishing line and utility wire for survival needs
  • Waterproof Firestarter - Integrated paraffin-imbued jute fiber strand
  • Veteran-Owned - Portion of every sale goes to Veteran Charities

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