Compact FIGHTSENSE Self Defense Pepper Spray - Maximum Strength

Protect Yourself Anytime, Anywhere with FIGHTSENSE Pepper Spray

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$9.99 $6.99

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4.65 out of 5 stars

82 reviews

Product Summary

The FIGHTSENSE Self Defense Pepper Spray is the go-to for self-protection, trusted by customers worldwide. With 18% OC red pepper spray and a compact size police grade formula, this maximum strength weapon comes equipped with UV marking dye for suspect identification and has a range of up to 14 feet with 25 bursts for ultimate stopping power without blowback.

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Additional Product Details

  • Compact Design for Easy Portability
  • Maximum Strength Formula for Effective Defense
  • Quick and Easy Activation for Instant Use
  • Defense Against Multiple Attackers
  • Non-Lethal Option for Personal Safety
  • Includes Safety Lock to Prevent Accidental Discharge
  • Up to 35 Sprays per Canister for Extended Use
  • UV Dye for Easy Identification of Attacker
  • Tested and Proven to be Effective
  • Trusted Brand in Self Defense Products

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